Introducing the Constellation Partnership

The Constellation Partnership offers a remarkable investment opportunity at the heart of the UK economy. Supercharged by the UK Government’s once-in-a-lifetime investment in High Speed 2 (HS2), the new high speed rail link connecting the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, it’s massive potential is about to be unleashed.

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The Northern Gateway Development Zone* Prospectus

The Constellation Partnership - ProspectusThe Northern Gateway Development Zone (NGDZ) * offers a remarkable opportunity to capitalise on the UK Government’s investment in HS2, the new high-speed rail link connecting the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds which will deliver increased rail capacity and improved connectivity for our growing modern economy.

* Now the Constellation Partnership

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The Constellation Partnership - PodcastConstellation Partnership modular construction drive Podcast

Jackie Sadek, chair of the Constellation Partnership outlines plans for an ambitious housing drive in the Constellation area of Cheshire and the north of Staffordshire.

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