This is a boundary breaking partnership between two Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) and seven Local Authorities, with strong Ministerial backing from Government, and a unified fast-track approach to plan-led economic development, making it all the more powerful an investment proposition.

These partners share a single vision - a single economic footprint creating a coherent investment market boosted by the international investment magnet of High Speed Rail connectivity. This is an unbeatable growth opportunity for investors.

With powerful Government backing, the partnership's ambition is to deliver 100,000 new homes and 120,000 new jobs by 2040.

On 1 November, 2018, The Constellation Partnership released its HS2 Growth Strategy which outlines the important case for investment in the region. The strategy features key information around the economic potential of HS2 and how we are working on getting the right solution for the area to maximise our assets. Ideally positioned between Birmingham and Manchester the region sets to be a beacon of transformational economic growth.

The Constellation Partnership - Location The Constellation Area

The Constellation Partnership - Location

The Constellation region has unrivalled, 360° connectivity, superbly placed for both east-west and north-south connections nationally by rail and road, and with an international reach via easy access to key UK airports.

This already valuable connectivity will be given a supercharge through the investment in the High Speed Rail 2 rail hub at Crewe along with HS2 connectivity for the burgeoning city of Stoke-on-Trent and the county town of Stafford. When HS2 arrives, nowhere else in the UK will offer both direct connections to London in 55 minutes and Manchester and Birmingham in around 20 minutes, amplifying growth opportunities.

The region is ripe for investment, boasting a skilled population, a high-value, multi-university fed knowledge economy, a dynamic business environment based around a range of growth sectors, a diverse manufacturing offer, a superb mix of natural environments and significant land readily available for employment and housing growth. By releasing capacity on our existing rail network, HS2 investment provides the opportunity to deliver more trains to more destinations across the Constellation and beyond, unlocking new markets and presenting new opportunities for our businesses and communities.

The Constellation Partnership offers a remarkable investment opportunity at the heart of the UK economy.

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